ESTARTUS´ works are a must have for any art lover who claims to be so.

He has had three pictorial styles.

1-Impressionist. He started his career as an impressionist.
2-Abstract.  He shows   how   he can capture the inner essence of things and not only   the external appearance.

3-Figurative. He proves that. abstract painters know how to draw.  
ESTARTUS is a great drawer, we are delighted with his current work, In meditation he manages to capture the loneliness of the character in an open space with a background that leaves the character isolated from the rest. We do not forget the rain or snow scenes, such as blizzard that offer impeccable and suggestive draws..

These three stages have managed to make his work both, art and sublime fascination.

He has rightly produced many of his latest works in black and white  and they very much look like sequences  from old cinema..

He embraces everyday scenes, sometimes costumbrist of the current and old society They have different registers from cinema and black novel, to photography and stamps of the time..

His paintings are of small and medium size and therefore he recovers the old idea of the window where we should lean out of.
The spectators of this exhibition have spent more time in front of the paintings than in previous exhibitions where abstraction was the protagonist..

ESTARTUS in his figurative period does not look for beauty, he finds beauty as a truth, as the truth is beauty, this is all we need to know on earth. .

The sublime can only be obtained if you pursue the intention of reaching fascination and embellishment as elements of beauty.
His painting is constant and daily work. By doing so, he can express al the art he carries inside.

He is a trained artist with extraordinary qualitys, he shows skillful and rich technique, variety of shades and an overwhelming personality.