The most recent works of ESTARTUS and to confirm how this artist remains strong, with a clean and intense ability to penetrate the dark forest that is human thought when it goes beyond the coexistence formulas created out of the need that we have to live with one another.
The sub conscience formulas created out of the need that we have to live with one another. The subconscious becomes a palpable reality through his work, however, this does not mean that we must believe that it is a release from problems in order to end up conforming to established rules. It is not, to put it bluntly, like the couch of the psychiatrists, but rather an entire artistic reflection about what is essential in life and about thinking in a order to move toward individual and, especially, collective authenticity.
ESTARTUS is a true philosopher of painting. His aesthetics and the beauty in his painting are never gratuitous, which does not mean that everything is calculated ahead of time. He practices spontaneity, but beforehand he has reflected on feelings, passions and human desires to find the intimate meaning of it all.The effort focused on synthesis has been considerable, and henceforth, this painting is finely woven in the concept and with the precise diction that makes it possible to reach others in a convincing way. And even though it is a perfectly clear that he does not intend to act as a teacher, he does teach us to explore within trough the sincerity he exhibits.
There is the courage of the search and the generosity of explaining findings in the painting of ESTARTUS. He bases his work on his knowledge and he does not improvise, but he does not limit what he hands in nor he sparingly give what he tells, but instead he fully devotes himself to each work.

Nonetheless, he does not go now in one direction and the in another, which could happen to someone soho is not familiar with a place. Instead, he is systematic, and from his familiar work as a whole, it is possible to deduce a new and attractive conceptión of what the world we live in should be like.